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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There is only a perception of loss which stems from residual mind. There is nothing to lose which is seen when you stop running and walk into the flames. What burns away was never real and what is left is ALL that is

The worse thing that happens is loss. 
Work with the fear of losing what life will take eventually anyway and from the courage you gain in accepting reality as it is, the strength to be patient and calm in moments of adversity will become you.

See reality as far into the future as you can imagine it. 
Go further than success or failure. 
Just look at what becomes of all things. 
I know it is not the warmest of investigations, but it is where the limitless bravery lies, on the other side of fear of the inevitable. 
Sit quietly and fully breathe into how wise and clear you really are. 
Nothing is going to last. 
You know it. 
Feel the strength that comes from accepting it and let that strength guide your life.