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Saturday, October 31, 2015

You have GREATNESS within you!

"Use your voice as a hammer to stamp out toxic, dis empowering, negative thoughts that can come into your mind. 
You cannot control the thoughts that come through your mind, but you can control the ones you choose to dwell on. 
Talk back to yourself and challenge the negative thinking that is robbing you of energy and focus. Use your voice as an instrument to inspire you and to change the trauma into positive feelings.

Look at yourself in a mirror and say 
"I love myself unconditionally." 
Do this daily for the next 21 days. 
You will experience a new love and appreciation for your higher self which will begin to express itself. Your mind and ego will tell you that this is foolish, childish, or that you do not need to do this. 
Do not be duped. Negative thoughts don't want to die and will struggle to remain alive. 
Speak life to yourself with power, feeling and conviction. 
Choose positive words that will transport your mind to a new reality. 
You Deserve!"

love light and peace