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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The only meaning in life is the meaning you give it....

Wisdom can only unfold with life experiences. It's not a sprint and there are no easy short-cuts to it. It's a lifelong marathon and requires unlimited patience to learn the next lesson and the next lesson and the next....

Embracing the WHOLE journey - with its entire spectrum of bittersweet surprises - is the most challenging ingredient to multidimensional Success.
All the evil in the world, all the oppression, famines, and wars can be traced back to one thing - the unthinking and unfeeling majority of humankind who enabled the evil ones.

Most spend the first third of life living it for their parents, the second third for their children and the last third wondering how the previous two fleeted by so fast. 
WHEN will you live for YOU? 
No, this isn't about narcissism or being Self-cantered, it's about living your PURPOSE. There will always be attachments to point fingers at, and yet Life won't wait for any man or woman. 

So when, WHEN will you live to BE the real 'you'?

We own nothing but we don't get it until we reach the death bed, in the meantime we feel like we are the rulers of the world and try to rule it in our own norms. There is a life and death cycle, everyone has to face karma, even if it is an infant or 5 year old or adult or old. Nothing can stop this. 
Even if there is no religion, no terrorism we can't stop somebody's death as it is already decided before the life has to takes place. 
And death is the beginning of new life. If we believe it or not, no matter, ultimately this is the only reality 

That's why think good, do good, this is universal. Humanity is the and my reality. I believe thoughts and intentions are prayers or the observer effect to the logical minds.

Being is the beginning and end of everything. Whatever you do starts from the fact you exist. It ends with the fact that the consequence of your actions return to your own existence.

Rise up to face the day good friends, may good will and thoughts abound this day and always.