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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

As I search for a piece of kindness And I find Hitler in my heart From the corpses flowers grow.....

Expect to be knocked down. Expect to find yourself on your knees, sometimes. 
Life is not only the ups, it is the downs too. Like the breath, there is the falling and there is also the rising. Like the ocean tides, like the heart that pounds moment by moment in your chest, there is expansion and contraction too, swelling and descent, and one is not 'better' than the other, one is not more 'alive'. 
Both are essential for existence.
Finding yourself on your knees, close to the ground, know that faith is not the fearful holding of the in-breath, nor necessarily the belief in a better tomorrow, but the deep trust in today, finding the sacredness in the out-breath, the contraction, the fall; knowing the drop, the descent, the ground itself, is as sacred as any imagined destination.
Sometimes you have to fall to climb, friend, and sometimes, finding yourself on your knees, you discover a courage and a faith the summit could never give you. 
The drop is not cruel or shameful; it is a fresh beginning, an invitation to be present.
Dust yourself off, friend, the next step is not far, and I am here to catch you, always."

Be present, watch your steps. It's a fresh beginning, trust in today & have faith. Find yourself. Discover your courage....

love, light and peace