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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


To love, to keep your heart open in spite of 'outer' circumstances, to shine the light of your love, to illuminate rather than seeking to be illuminated, constantly waiting for others to shine on you; that is the greatest joy, greater than all the riches of the world.
To offer love-light freely, to stay close to your own heart, so it no longer needs protecting, or defending, just nurturing, closeness, connection, attention.

To always listen to the heart. And even if you have to walk away, even if you have to give a clear 'no', to never walk away from your own heart, never stop your shining because of 'others'. 

There are no 'others' for the ancient heart, only hearts, only self-shining Suns, the same light, and the apparent closing of 'other' hearts need never be an excuse to stop shining.

Love asks but never demands, appreciates but never needs, cherishes but does not cling.

When expectations drop from love, we cannot be disappointed, for in the heart there is space even for shattered expectations. 

We shine not to get anything, or to control anyone, but to feel ourselves shine, feel the warmth and closeness of our own love, self-generated, beaming on others who are not others at all; the greatest bliss.

Love is yours!

love light and peace