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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Goose bumps never lie.....

I have taken to call 'goose-bumps' truth-chills, like one of the ways that the body signals what is resonant for it, what is deeply true. 
Those bumps are like a trail to follow home...
Flow feelers...I usually get them when I feel like I'm in the flow.
The fear we feel when we consider taking the next step on our true-path is entirely normal. We live in a frightening world and our habitual range of e-motion secures us. 
It also imprisons us. 
My experience is that the key is converting the fear into the fire that pushes you outward. Not to be squelched by it, but to use it as the fiery furnace for transformation itself.

Some say it's good to keep busy, and that has some truth to it. But are you keeping busy because it's hard for you to handle 'nothingness?' 
If that's the case, busy is just another form of escape from something we have yet to face and let go of...

The only way to fail at life is to abstain...

"The underlying principle of life is the unity of the human personality. We are creative thinker and feeling animal – and we are just a man or a woman. 
We a rational mind and non rational body and we are just a living organism. We must live on all levels at once, and that is no easy task…
To be an integrated individual, we must be identified with our body and with our word. To achieve this integration one must start with being the body – you are your body. 
But it does not stop there. 
One must end with being the word – you are your word. 
But the word must come from the heart."

love, light and peace