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Monday, December 15, 2014

The wise pursue understanding; fools follow the reports of others....

It seems it is getting harder and harder today to find an unbiased source for news. No matter which television station you watch, radio show you listen to, or news page on the internet that you read, it seems that they all have an agenda.
It is foolish to blindly follow the reports of others, especially when those sources have hidden agendas which you are not privy to.
With this in mind, you may ask,
“What is a person to do if he wants to understand world events?”

That is a hard question to answer. The best you can do, if you do not have personal knowledge or have trustworthy friends with personal knowledge of what is going on, is to get your information from several different sources.
This is akin to hearing both sides of the story. If you hear only one side, you will find that you are in the dark, as far as your understanding goes. Don’t take things for the truth just because they are on television or because they are in writing or because ‘your friend’ said so.
Facts and statistics can be slanted to demonstrate whatever someone wants them to illustrate. Many people are experts when it comes to twisting the truth to fit their own personal agenda. Don’t take what they say as gospel.
No matter what the topic may be, strive to achieve an understanding of the issue. Trusting in the reports of others can prove dangerous and misleading.

We has to depend on the truth, not the spin.

Sure, they will have their reasons and will justify their actions, but you can’t take “real” honour on and off like your jacket.
Either you are a being of honour, or you are just plain bullshit. You can’t have it both ways.  
Don’t be one of those people who talk about honesty and character, but in the end really can’t live up to what they profess.