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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I realize I am the sum of my choices and that the human condition is largely our responsibility – yet remain thankful for the choice. I will do better.

I own my life, I do not give it to any of the arrogance of organized religion. I only belief in God... My life is God gift to me and I live wisely, balancing my own pleasure and satisfaction with the welfare and good of the world and the rest of humanity. 
So many times in history, humankind was sure it had it all figured out - whether through revelation or science.
So, I remind myself to remain humble in the face of the universe's mysteries.

Every single one of the organised religion members claims to know the answer to everything, to have God on their side, or that they're the only ones who would be saved because of their beliefs.
People need to understand God on a personal level, and not by blindly accepting the beliefs of others.
It doesn't matter whether you are Christian, Muslim, pagan, or atheist - what matters is that you have examined your beliefs thoroughly on your own, and that you respect the fact that other people may see things differently than you do.

I myself do not like Creeds or Dogmas and I am not into religion but I believe we all heading to the same place from different paths.
When I look at the way the universe and nature they are so perfectly designed and balanced that I think there is a sort of creative intelligence which is the source of everything.... Though, what created the source?
That's the mystery....

God  to me is the creative intelligence we see reflected in the design of nature. And if the creation is intentional, that suggests that there is a purpose to creation.

Trying to reason out what that purpose might be is an interesting intellectual exercise.

But if we study nature, and try to live in accordance and in harmony with nature, it would seem that we would be aligning ourselves with that purpose, whatever it might be.

The overall "mind" of the human race I think has expanded, in short... The cold frightening truth is that we have "progressed" in thinking and truth, anyone who fears progress is a fool..
I say;
let us continue to seek truth, seek reasoning..

God/deity did give us minds to think; not to be blinded and become puppets.. This goes to all members of religious sects too, seek truth within your religion but not be afraid to go out the boundaries,

BE surprised and LEARN... but also GROW in your faith, we all have different faiths.. after all..

Religion is used as a tool to keep us divided. While we worry about who's right and whose wrong, the evilest deeds are being committed with no resistance. My personal belief is that believing in God has nothing to do with organised religion.

Religion is the frontier of failsafe to control life itself.

Well thats all from me, my usual, non-sense ramblings.