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Saturday, December 27, 2014

I have never been able to accept the concept of sin. Sin is I think a crime against God. I have thought the concept unnecessary as humans do have an inmate sense of morality. Why should we be concerned with violating the will of a god that exists in the imaginations of only some humans and nowhere else?

Humans are the most destructive, infectious form of life to have ever have inhabited this planet. We also the most creative and compassionate too. Whether or not they balance - and how - are different questions.

As I see it as a self destruction weapon! Nothing destroys humanity than sin! So it is not against GOD, it is against your own soul, a self destruction weapon.
God doesn't benefit from it except you.
I belief in God that’s about it, if there is no GOD, there is no morality n everything is permissible and we can't talk about morality at all but I will say blaming religion for mankind’s atrocities is like blaming science for weapons of mass destruction.

Morality is what we make it. There are immoral / amoral people, some of them believe in god, some don't.
Many of the acts portrayed in all so call holy books would be considered immoral/criminal by today's standards.
Many of the world's most religious countries / states are the most immoral and violent. Many of the most secular ones are the most moral and peaceful.
God, whether she exists or not has nothing to do with morality, despite what you may have been indoctrinated to believe.

The good news.... Morality is secular! The bad news, humans are responsible for all the shitty things we have done as a species. I think it much better to think of "sin" as a 'crime' not against God but against humanity, either our own humanity or the humanity of our community of neighbours which includes all of us humans.

It also makes me wonder what a sin against God actually is and if it’s a sin against us what kind of questions that rises.
I think it would be safe to say those created with the ability to think and choose.

But I am open for the discussion.