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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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/ \ Respond;

What about when I raise my voice because the idiocy is bothering me?
Don't assume that frustration equates ignorance.
There's a big difference between someone who has an argument and is frustrated with someone who has a severe cognitive dissonance issue and someone who just rambles.

However the only part I wanted to retort, is that I can get pretty loud and abrasive when met with the profanely resistant. Those who maintain cool even after hours of deadlocked discussion aren't in possession of genius intellect, but rather saintly patience.

You can bring up the best argument in the world, if the other is entirely set on maintaining ignorance, no silver tongue can sway that because most choose ignorance and stupidity, and you will never MAKE them change, so don't waste your time or breath.

"Agreeing to disagree" you said......it is a death sentence to any argument, because at least one of the 2 engaged in the argument stopped listening.