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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kill the spider and you will destroy the cobweb....

Everything in life is governed by the principle of cause and effect.
Nothing happens without a reason, even if you don’t know what that reason may happen to be.

Whether you call it karma or the law of reciprocity, one thing always leads to another.
Everything in your life has some cause behind it which brought it about. There is nothing that you can do which does not have some accompanying effect.
If you don’t like the results that you have been getting, change the actions that brought about those results.
This is the wisdom behind this Maltese Proverb.
If you don’t like cobwebs, get rid of the spider. When you kill the spider, there will be no more cobwebs, at least not from that specific spider.
If you simply remove the cobweb itself, the spider will only spin more of them, and the cycle will continue endlessly, until you finally address the underlying cause – the spider.
When you remove the primary cause, the effect will cease to exist.
This same principle applies to any problem that you may have in your life.
If you can figure out what the underlying cause is for that specific problem, you can make a rational decision concerning how to eliminate that cause, therefore getting rid of the problem.
Remove the root and the weed will cease to exist.
If you don’t like the results that you have been getting, change what you have been doing and do something different.
Different actions bring about different results.