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Sunday, March 2, 2014

We must learn to recognize and exhibit our true natures without compromise and without watering down. We must learn to sink into eternity. the great challenge of a human life

It is the potential of every person to grow into a whole human being. The great challenge of a human life is to discover all that is within the human heart.

The Bridge of Authenticity: 
My personal therapy and inner work with spiritual growth.

Personal exploration is qualitatively different from spiritual development: the former requires self-absorption, the latter requires self surrender. 
In the first we discover ourselves, in the second we liberate ourselves.

The difference has confused many seekers. To my knowledge no one has clearly explained how these two processes are really one single connected process.

We can pass from one to the other through the bridge of authenticity, a bridge that we cross when we experience personal transformation.

In personal work we change, but authenticity is only reached through transformation. 

This is the ultimate goal of personal inner work. On the spiritual level our attainment is surrendered in service to our divine nature.

The Modern Mystic Path: 
Today the secrets are known, so there is no mystery about the modern mystic path. But merely knowing the secret does not reflect our need to live it and to follow the path. 

The essential secret is that we are consciousness and consciousness is eternal. 
Freedom from separation and attachments involves living into this secret until it becomes our central reality… beyond fear and desire.

My life-long search has been to realize this freedom,
 to enable and empower, to awaken, to consciousness and realize my true nature.

Self-enquiry and inner work succeed through persistent, gentle consideration and exploration of the inner realms of the body-mind, soul and spirit expressed in thought, emotion, feeling, awareness and our sense of self. 

I believe in the integrity, innate wisdom and natural self-healing ability of human beings. We can overcome our limitations, fulfil our innate longing to be authentic and realize our unique individuality through self-honesty, strong intention and courage. 

There are no spiritual goals, 
there is no attainment, 
there is no fear or desire; none of this is real. 

What is real is that God, Love and Consciousness are always, were and always will be, transparently present and available as ourselves. 
When we renounce the small world of me and become one with the Truth then what is already true is apparent and made real in our lives as kindness, compassion and contentment. 


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Live. Breathe. Love. Serve. It is enough.