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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some don't understand. Some have never lived.

to understand anything at all, had to be all possible angles from which to measure understanding. 

to know one thing at all, even 'don't know', had to know everything else.

could not exist without non-existence. 
could not breathe without suffocation. 
could not love and hate without hate and love. 
could not fear without courage. 
could not resist without surrendering. 

whatever mirror was reflection was, too.

dualistic nature of nonduality was so precise,
whatever it was, it was that completely.

and then there were favorite pizza toppings.
that was a whole other thing, beyond duality and nonduality,
best left alone lest a war break out.

"Then what is it "to understand"? What does it mean? Is it even possible? Or I just pretend I do it just as I pretend I communicate at all?" asked Sue

Communication wasn't pretend, what was pretend was meaning.