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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Individuals seek, it's the I/me story, there's nothing to understand..... it's totally unable to be understood.

Intense, prolonged, and devoted seeking is the necessary starting point of the spiritual journey for most people. But seeking NEVER results in finding. 
At least not directly. 

Giving up seeking, first in despair and frustration and then because there is simply nothing more one can do, is finding. 
In this finding, it is realized that what is found was never missing, only ignored. Such a series of seeming paradoxes, but upon closer examination it is really quite straightforward, even obvious. 
And laugh-worthy. 
I'm smiling even now.

Understanding is still a subtle form of seeking.

Liken to the game "hide and seek…" 
If we are already 'in-light', that which we desperately seek has continuously been present perhaps, with some amusement watching it all!