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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Nobody believes anything. 

Everybody is trying to believe, but nobody can succeed.

See it this way: 

Does the movie screen BELIEVE the myriad movies that play themselves out on its unconditional surface? 
It holds them, provides the space for them, allows them to come and go, but never believes them, or believes in them, the light nor the dark, and never disbelieves either. 
It is pure capacity, beyond belief and doubt.

Beliefs may come and go, of course, within the vast screen-like embrace of awareness that you are. Ideas, plans, memories, wild fantasies may flicker to life within you. But you can only ever be the space for these.

You yourself can never be a believer or a non-believer. Both definitions are way too small for you.

Of course, you can TRY to believe. 

You can exhaust yourself in the attempt to hold onto a belief. 
You can fight for a belief, go to war in defence of it. 
You can create Gods of belief, and therefore create enemies, 'others' who are not like you. 

But deep down, you know that all beliefs, religions, ideologies, are only temporary appearances, part of the drama of impermanence, and cannot be true in an absolute sense. No belief can capture You. 
Every thought is too small.

You never truly believe anything, friend, not even this.

And this is why your spirit is totally free."