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Friday, March 21, 2014

Perspective on life.....

Finding life meaningless; 
for thoughts that typically lead to that sort of feeling, 
there always seemed to be an equal, parallel path to take, 
by the same reasoning, where everything becomes meaningful.

For example of the train of thought:

Perfection as a concept. 
Some say that nothing is perfect, because perfect is this unattainable feat that we continuously surpass with every new idea we have and every new expectation that we set.

However, in truth, it's available to be said that there is nothing aside from perfection, by an extension of the logical identity law. 

If something is the case, then regardless of what it is, that case is by necessity a perfection of, that case.

So in one sense, nothing is perfect in life, and everything is below par. 

But, by a necessity, if you examine closer, instead of nothing being perfect in life, everything is actually perfect, being, perfectly itself.

For, if we're to compare something to anything, it makes the absolute most sense to compare it to itself, in such a case, it's nothing other than perfect. 

Only when we take to comparing something to another thing, which, it could never be, as it is not that, do we come to this idea that there is imperfection anywhere. 
A diamond with a "flaw" is still perfectly as such, and could never be anything else.

So, really, whenever I find that there is reason to think that X is meaningless, where X is any arbitrarily selected subject, I always tend to find the road winds around to exactly the opposite conclusion once a little more thought is applied.