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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It is time..

It is Time for different masks to be exfoliated
All along they have been worn within our minds!
Let us undo knots and blindfolds hindering our growth
We were the ones we were waiting for since we arrived!

It takes the idea of PRAYER beyond... any religious or Spiritual tradition and makes it an INNER TECHNOLOGY that's open to everyone.

Regardless of our beliefs, our lifestyles or our bloodline or our heritage or how or where we choose to live our lives. What it says to us- in every moment in Life we are having a FEELING and by virtue of this feeling we are communicating to the world around us.

So rather than seeing a PRAYER as something we do every once in a while, when we'd like to change our world and then stop the prayer and get up and walk away, perhaps we can redefine Prayer as-
“The Way that we FEEL in our Lives and because we're always feeling in every moment of Life- LIFE becomes the prayer. LIFE becomes the LIVING PRAYER. We can ALWAYS have the FEELINGS of PEACE in our Hearts." — Gregg Braden and Sayang Osman

Peace, Love, Light, UNITY and Gratitude to All