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Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Religion is a man made institution that rules by fear & profits off the masses. These doctrines and dogmas have only instilled ego and fear into the people that follow them. Religion divides humans; spirituality allows you to see that we are all one. Follow your own path!

I realised that the only thing that religion sells is fear and the more you fear the more control it has over you. If you feel that god has to judge you then what are you doing wrong.

If you ask and keep searching for Truth, Truth will be sure to answer. Been questioning my previous assumptions and experiencing true revelation. God is.

I've been thinking, and it seems to me, if we eliminated the entire world's religions, we would still have the same problem, but in a different form.
It is human nature to try to control and divide, so the key to the problem and solution seems to be in ourselves, not whether or not we practice a certain faith.
People can be as diverse as the grains of sand or the stars in the sky in their beliefs and respect and love one another, and likewise we can question all religions and eliminate them, but that would not solve the root of the underlying problem.
Changing consciousness and learning love and tolerance seem to be the root of the solution.

Nothing at all can substitute for personal experience of the divine. There are many thousands of people who meditate for years and never experience touching this divinity. Only personal experience allows us to see and truly know about this oneness.
There are pathways to personal experience and these have never changed. Anyone who has claimed illumination has found one of these ways.

If God is within each and every one of us why should there be a middle man selling the path to him? Religions thru ages have kept a gap between humanity and God just to keep the business running!
As long as everyone lives in fear of a God who is judging you every moment of your life, the business is running with profit and preachers keeps their job selling the ticket to the path of salvation.
Drop all the religions and find godliness within! Only there you will find the totality. And for that all you need to do is to be silent.
It has always been there and no middle man is needed!

The problems are not inherent in the doctrines of the messages; this is pretty universal in message, being very similar to the laws of karma.
What I would suggest is that the problem lies in the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of religions by people who would hijack the ideologies for personal agendas.

Clearly, if we all simply acted consistently from a "Love thy neighbour as thyself" principle, the world would be vastly improved.
That statement alone delivers no bias in it; it does not say love your white, rich, straight, Muslim, Christian or other neighbour, it says simply, loves thy neighbour.
Having studied and practiced many doctrines and a synthesis of them over the years, it has been my experience that it is more the human shortcomings, largely insecurity that lies at the very heart of most human suffering.

It is when we believe that who we are and what we have is not enough, when we believe that we have to take rather than ask for what we want or need, that the ethics that preserve love and peace become marginalized.

I was introduced to Judaism, Buddhism and other ideology in a spirit of sharing, not to draw bigotry or hatred in the unique differences between me and people around me, but to encourage a sharing of ideas and an exposure to the beauties of our differences.
I think we have fallen away from that, and differences have been used as reason to inspire mistrust and hatred rather than celebrating the beauty of individuality and diversity.

You can read between the lines and see the fear in all the statements the religious are making in their criticism, its just man's interference/mind that has blurred and scrambles the messages.

When we think for ourselves instead of what others tell us to think, we will find the truth. Then we can separate the truth from the lies, and when we do this, it in our own minds those BOOKS do lead to salvation because we see the truth in what they say and the lies....

High time to realise that doctrines and dogmas are very often based on a principle of 'fear of God' and separation. Most people who say they follow their "religion" don't live it! How can humanity are saved when they live by only the rules they choose to fit their lifestyle.

I don't believe our answers can ever come from an outside source. We decide what to believe in and what thoughts we keep within our minds. When we are able to have inner faith and believe in ourselves we feel surer and at peace.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where my father always told us that he allow us to choose our own path, whatever it was. I'm very thankful for this choice he made, as it allowed me to have an open mind, and in the end to create my own with my own beliefs, far from any formatted faith.

I have seen so many people practice religious rituals daily unconsciously. Many of them have no understanding or connection with god. Many do what they are told out of fear. And that’s the way organised religions want it. God has nothing to do with religion. Each person should explore, question and decide their own God. A punishing God or a compassionate God?

Maybe we need to draw out all the parallels that work, establish which ones have been most successful across all creeds backed up by case studies.

Evaluate which messages have been disregarded or used to torment other human beings to identify specifically where our wrong thinking has got us and define a set of broad non-prescriptive ideals.
That we can all agree make sense backed up by science but that are conducive to sharing the planet and keeping it all intact for future generations.

We can certainly establish the fact that no human being is in possession of the full picture, is still battling with their ego and therefore the more powerful they become, the less their judgement can be trusted. If we can do this by tomorrow, that would be great.

Fear keeps people stuck in doctrine. It makes them feel safe, it tells them they fit in, and it takes away their need to think for themselves. When they r ready they can awaken to the universal love that is inherent within us all. Until then we must lead by example!

It's just man's interference/mind that has blurred and scrambles the messages, misinterpretations of God’s word...