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Sunday, January 1, 2012


With the New Year coming my emotions are highly stirred. Most of us spend our lives as if we had another one in the bank. There is only ONE life we can influence and guide – the one we’re living right now.
Make choices that influence your... life as you live it now, BE TRUTHFUL and HONEST to yourself if happiness is what you are after for you will never get a second chance.

Do not let others make you lose your senses. I believe deep in my heart that living truthfully from the beginning till the end is the only way to live.
I am a leader, not a follower, I do my own thing, and I try not to hurt anyone... I have to do what is right for me & with ALL my heart. If everyone already figured this Beauty it would be Utopia already!
I would die before I gave away my power to anything or anyone. Even though it’s uncomfortable, I will listen to the truth. It may seem damaging to something I hold dear, but I would rather have that than live an illusion.

It takes some years to earn some wisdom...mistakes make us stronger and less tolerable of others "best intentions" for OUR OWN lives.
One thing about making your OWN decisions... YOU must be strong enough to live with them!
Reason is just one tool in my existential toolkit. Like a good carpenter, I know when a particular tool is needed and when it is useless.
Love is the only thing I have never been able to reason my way out of.

I am reminded of the last phrase of a poem by Robert Frost:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference
I think we all come to a crossroad in life where we have to make a decision that will separate us from the crowd or family.

Hopefully it doesn't get too complicated with more attachments by then.