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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Observation

I am BAFFLED how many individuals today including youth defend ancient traditional man-made laws and rules which oppress their own innate freedom and human rights of free-will.
Indeed, this unconscious defence is a part of the hypnosis too. Feeling obliged to remain attached to everything that was instilled in childhood via fear and loss of security

Thorough cultural Programming, if our loyalty was weak, people would follow every new idea and that would be chaos too. I think the human race is just going to take another few Dozen generations to wise up.

This is ever a challenge with the children, teens, adults and families. This too, a challenge I faced when growing up - feeling often that what was demanded served no purpose other than keeping me in 'control.' My questioning the 'why' was not always received favourably. Yet, I stepped beyond this oppression and now I own my liberation.

People are more concerned about what "God" means for them and their lives, rather than what it means to know "God."
I do not believe that many, or any, of the armies and philosophers in history who fought for or against "God" or gods, truly cared about the meaning of a concept.
They cared about how a system, based on a "god" could ensure their wealth, and dominance over other humans, and the planet as a whole.
The product of this process is the rituals we force ourselves into today. On the other side of the coin, if a certain rule, practice, or way of life makes another person's spiritual development better, I have no reason to ask that they give it up.

Indeed. Those who question the norm are often labelled as the troublemakers since we challenge the status quo which was/ is designed to control the masses, which does not respect individuality.

The whole purpose of these rules and practices is supposedly to enhance one's connection with the Divine. If a ritual or practice does not accomplish that, it should be left out and practiced only by those whom it helps.

Majority following ancestral rituals do so merely out of traditional obligation, with very little understanding of their Spiritual purpose.
If people understood that its more about a Feeling and Connection, rather than a mechanical process, they could see that any rule/ritual that Feels right is right for them, and if not, then leave it be. There is an infinite spiritual freedom that accompanies the idea of God that people do not realize.

People can believe in any way they want, such as pantheism, like Albert Einstein, or deism like Isaac Newton, or anything else, because it is about a Feeling. When it comes to this idea, there is no restriction in how you interpret it, and so there should be no restrictions in how you incorporate it into your life.

Sadly some people will not give up on the things that they can use to control or suppress others. You cannot get closer to God by trampling on others. You shouldn't look for an advantage over others but to help lift up those that is disadvantaged.

Let everyone regulate his conduct . . . by the golden rule of doing to others as in similar circumstances we would have them do to us, and the path of duty will be clear before him.
Guided by TRUTH and God's loving care, Stand I free of longing and despair.
That is inspiring! Love ends Fear. And those who Love others, can follow the Golden Rule easily, and benefit from the Golden Rule as well.

If we give up on an idea too quickly, we fear we might go too far all at once, so we historically are slow to take risks.
Patience - how many times do we observe a failing before we try something else?
It takes the race generations and generations to learn things - the human race is right on track - evolutionarily speaking.

It seems sad to aware souls that the race should suffer for so long til we learn our lessons. But the human race is Barely a teenager.
All our wishes to end suffering will come true, given a thousand years, or more: D