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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Habit or repetition??

Can you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result......That is insanity.

I've done my part my sharing my experience and prospective. Sometimes I'm more passionate about that person’s well-being and that's not good, for them or me.

That reminded me of the conception of insanity being a revolving door. 
Doing the same thing results in the same thing.
I know regarding myself it took many years to understand, and many addictions to overcome. 
But it is entirely up to the individual to do it, and change it.
A horse can be lead to water, but can't be forced to drink. The forest can only be seen for the trees when one opens their own eyes and sees them for themselves.

Some individuals will learn certain lessons through several repetitions of the same challenge. Sometimes it takes several years. We can share our experiences and perspectives, yet it is not our responsibility to compel others to learn any sooner.

Look at the flower in the garden; it shall not bloom or a caterpillar metamorphic into a butterfly until they are ready. 

So, decide. Nobody except your self can stop you. You can either be your own best friend or you worst enemy. It is entirely depend on your mind's volition.