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Saturday, December 24, 2011

"There are no facts, only interpretations."

In a disagreement, one can say there are no facts are to say there are no absolutes. To say there are only interpretations’ is to say everything is subjective. However to say everything is subjective is in itself an absolute and if there is one we must admit to the possibility of others.

I always reserve the right to change my mind & I don't always believe what I hear and only half of what I see. Facts... One person’s facts are another’s fiction.

Well, from the aspects of Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, and etc- everything is relative. Via this view, I agree nothing is absolute, which itself can be an oxymoron since then Nothingness becomes the absolute! ;)

From other perspectives, it can be argued that everything is relative VIA a common denominator of an absolute aka Truth/ God/ Divinity/ Oneness/ etc

The conjunction of opposites... Everything is relative and absolute simultaneously and then some. Opposites is not the same as within a spectrum

The yin and yang symbol in which the seed of the other is found within

Every one interpret as he/she thinks, minds are variable first, second process of thinking is going on, new experience new yard sticks of thinking, new parameters of thinking ,will bring his own interpretations new facts will appear this process will continue till expiry.

The Truth is a living phenomenon... To be alive, it must remain Dynamic, and of course, "evolve"!

The inexplicable cannot be explained via any single mode of expression- philosophy, science, metaphysics, religion, etc. It may reveal itself via all or none given the unfolding depends on the individual's depth of evolution.

"Do we evolve to the truth?"

This is something we'd have to find out THROUGH our evolutions.

There often a tendency, via childhood conditioning, for us to view everything via a standard pivot of something we believe to be THE STANDARD FACT of THE TRUTH. When we begin to genuinely question this too, everything changes...

"Facts are there & have to be there."

The question then is who has the privilege to have it? If it's with someone claiming to have it, then isn't it subject to individual interpretation as well?

Show a colour blind person red they will see it as green... To them green are what they see and that is their reality ... It is like that with all things... Reality is what we make of it. Everything is an opinion...By saying everything is an opinion make that statement a fact.

It's interesting how our own opinions are facts to ourselves at any given moment!

I believe that certain truths are open to interpretation but not facts... Truths are relative to a person’s belief/cultural system - but irrefutable facts such as our necessity to breathe air to survive are not...

What knowledge is known, has been past down, changed slightly each time, so what can we call truth, we all think differently so it is all interpretations of truth, opinions and facts.

The circle never ends; it just by passes in a spiral not a complete circle that closes. So true Rail. New Age is just a name put on a science for a classification; there are so many sciences at work as we type, so many brainwaves.

As We Evolve Individually Or As A Whole, So Does The Knowledge For The Unknown. How We Perceive Such Understandings Will Determine The Fate Of Either Our Own Success Or Our Detrimental Downfall!

A fact is only defined when written. But definitions come from insecure people looking for absolutes, usually that the media contrives for the so called ''good'' of mankind.
Now Let Me Point Out That Arrogance And Ignorance Are Two Different Outlooks Upon Life, Not A Way Of Realizing One's Own State Of Mind Or Reference Point!

Personal Growth Comes From Within, Only Then Are We Able To Fully Know How To Apply Wisdom Into Knowledge, Therefore Realizing We're More Mentally Yearning For Ways To Hone Our Skills In Ways We Never Thought We'd Achieve, This Is Why We Need Each Other, To Learn From Each Other Rather Than Take Advantage Of Those Broken Worse Than How We Are So Far!

We apply knowledge to create wisdom not the other way around.

Getting at the fact that a human perception of a "fact" is always determined by the limitation of that human's interpretation no matter how valid it seems in knowable circumstances. There is always room for a "fact" to fail in some application as there could be some unfathomable exception to the limits of said "fact".
The fact that I called that a fact is also my interpretation although I cannot fathom any way for there to be an exception to the rule that there can always potentially be some exception to any perception of factuality.

Basically any perception of certainty however objective is impossible to prove in infinite cases.

The way I interpret this quote is that everything is relevant to the individual and their own perception. Scientific data and studies aside, intuitions and convictions are a personal matter. Things such as faith, spirituality, and life philosophies, how could facts be labelled on them? We develop our own philosophies and beliefs, and there is no textbook definition for them, we form them ourselves as we proceed on with life and inherit wisdom...