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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lesson in mistakes.????

Get over your guilt about what you've done in the past. Just get over it. Get over it. All of us have made mistakes - and for some of us they have been some pretty big whoppers - but that has nothing to do with your worthiness to see God, and to be loved by God.

It is useless to carry the burden of the past mistakes, although we learn a lot with them.

Mistakes were just opportunities to learn, if you can see a mistake, take the learning and move on, put the past in the past where it belongs, and take the learning into today, oh yeah and remember, humans forget, sometimes we have to learn again.

The knowledge gained from the "mistakes" I've made is not there to torment me with guilt and shame, but to serve as a reminder of what I have chosen before, so that I may choose better this time.

Someone who is so dear told me a long time ago that no one makes "mistakes"... what happens is that we take a "mis-step"... we are on a path and that sometimes we step off the path because of the choices we make... that does not make us a "good" person or a "bad" person... it is an opportunity to learn another lesson about ourselves & about life... then it is up to each of us to step back onto the path and keep going forward

God's love is the only thing constant in life. I agree we should get over our mistakes and most of all their consequences--cos there's yet to come. Loll. Besides, mistakes keep us entertained. But I do think guilt-- like all things--have a place in life. It's a hint that in our very core, we are still good... and is in fact having a piece of God crammed in us. But like all things--too much of anything is unhealthy. Mistakes--like Haters--make us strive to be better and yes, for heaven... the only sensible thing we aspire. HaH! Let's enjoy life whether we like it or not!