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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are you as free as your Mind, Body, Heart or Soul and Spirit?

Freedom is subjective, so one may feel the they are free but actually have chains on and not aware due to accepting the status quo.

Through working on my inner thoughts and continued growth in my spiritual beliefs I have become free....starts with the mind....my heart had to follow because I was seeking the truth.... Each day is a lesson that is preparing my soul....
Sometimes one's freedom is bounded by external factors as cultural and traditional norms. In order to transcend this challenge one should begin by DECIDING to liberate one's self from such status quo. Many have done it before and more are doing it right Now as we speak.

The responsibility of Freedom includes allowing others to be free to make their own choices even when we disagree with seemingly valid reasons.
Disagreeing without judgement is to act responsibly with freedom. Even if it means sometime being assertive, and with seemingly valid reasons.
I think that's an important one. I can only present my view and no matter how valid I find e.g. vegetarianism or faith or else I have to allow the freedom of choice to others!

Every passion and dream unfolded with Love is already in the manifesting of its be-coming. Everything handled with anything LESS is already bounded and limited by our own fears and doubts. Be Love.

I love one old saying I heard from Les Brown, "When life knocks you down, lie on your back because if you can look up... you can get up"... So whatever the emotional season, keep your mind on where you are going... If you can see it, you can conceptualise it ... This signs shall follow those who believe... Mark 16:17... Be a believer and keep going.

I try to focus on the many blessings given to me from God. From the smallest ones to the largest ones. I then begin to give Him thanks for caring about me and loving me. Happiness washes over me and I feel uplifted.

Feeling bad creates a feeling of guilt, therefore puts a wall of limitation... and on and on it goes... to get RID of this, before you go to bed, go over your day and say "what would I have done differently today?", then see what it was that you would have changed. In a few weeks, it will dwindle to very little... if nothing... training your mind/subconscious to "create" your day. What’s there to feel guilty about if you have NOTHING that you would change in your day?