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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Do not confuse excellence with perfection. The first is possible to achieve, the second is probably not, but is a direction to aim for.

Perfection lies in the eye of the beholder and unfortunately we have two. Perfection is admirable though inconceivable, because perfection is not an achievement. It is a fact.

Every diamond is flawed, but every diamond is perfect, because the flaw is part of what a diamond is. A diamond with a flaw exists perfectly as a diamond is meant to exist.

Perfection is the state of all things even when they appear imperfect. Our minds have trouble accepting this idea because we do not see the greater picture. Excellence is simply a way of measuring human achievement.

My motto, "if you have come here for perfection there is the door, if you have come for excellence, have a seat".
What is perfection after all? Just a concept set by our mind.
Excellence is one's own idea of best thing and perfection is an imposed one.