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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sacrifice and Joy????

So often people feel bad for finding joy in something that could be considered a sin. It brings about this fear of living and the sacrifice then becomes too great.

Sacrifice is not a virtue. Joy is not a sin. Since sacrifice does not mean 'The rejection of the worthless', it will always remain as a virtue. Joy is never a sin unless it exceeds certain limits and become unethical.

"sacrifice contains a desire to give but it leaves out one very important element; ourselves. Since sacrifice happens through a role where we are not really present, it gives but it cannot receive. Valuing ourselves changes sacrifice and 'almost love' into being truly love."

Sacrifice is relative, unselfish people usually sacrifice one way or another; giving time for instance and listening to others often is a sacrifice usually selfish people never sacrifice anything, the mere mention of the word makes them quiver. Nothing wrong in sacrifice which also requires discipline that doesn't hurt either. Has nothing to do with religion.

Sacrifice and joy need will, virtue and sin are parts of the personality. Personality does not consist of will.

There are a lot of people here that buy into the lives of their culture. Live outside the rules of those who lived in fear.