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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The unbounded nature I have discovered myself to be,gives me my human nature the freedom and courage to play it all out and work it all out......

The quest for transcendence bores me.

It bores me and distracts me from the real work required to actually grow. It's so up there, and my challenges are so down here.
The karmic field for my soul's expansion is in the heart of my imperfect patterns.

It's in the transforming fires of daily experience.
It's in the heat of my real life - not the detached life, not the pseudo non-dual life, not the projected perfect life - but right here, in this blessed and aging body temple.
It's all I can do to embody my humanness - I got no time to waste striving to rise above it. The imperfect quest for an authentic life is perfect enough for me.

"The impeded stream is the one that sings" - Wendell Berry.

We'll be transcedent when we transcend.
 If bliss is what you are looking for - know nothing !

The thing we often forget when thinking about our own changes and other’s changes is that real transformation takes real time.
No matter how eager we are to see things shift and grow, it will seldom happen quickly.

This is particularly true with respect to emotional maturation. Developmental stages are often like biological structures.
To move from one stage of maturation to another, we have to go through a broad range of experiences, integrate their meaning, and try a new way of being on for size.

It is about becoming a truly different being on many interconnected levels. I spent a lot of years in hurry-up offence with my own transformation and those around me.
It was a waste of time.

Sustainable change is built on a foundation of patience.