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Thursday, January 29, 2015


"You do not have the power to accept this moment.
You do not have the power to allow it. 
This moment does not ask for your acceptance.
It is already the way it is. You don't have a choice.
Your acceptance and your rejection, your allowing and non-allowing, are already too late.
For the moment is not something outside of you, and you are not divided from it, and acceptance is not in time.
And although this moment may not seem acceptable to you,
on a deeper level it has already been accepted,
for it is already life, already 'what is'.
Every thought, every sensation, every sound, every perception,
already here, already shining, already immediate,
already included in the vastness of Now.
You do not have the power to accept this moment.
In your powerlessness, this moment is fully accepted.
And you remain rooted in the deepest kind of YES to the way things are, aligned with a mysterious universe.
And this is true power."