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Sunday, January 4, 2015

I do like to take lines I like and write around them...

\) (>
/ \
My thought of the day -
at best what thinking accomplishes is more of what it attempted the very first time.
What happened and which method is used to determine what happened?
Is what happened as broad as what is happening, or is it narrower?
Can it be digested, what happened, more readily than what is happening or are they both fundamental ambiguities?
If I ask what happened, knowing full well how broad it was, which is not to say knowing all there was to know,
the potential pool from which a knowing emerges must be greater than any expression of that knowing......were this not the case knowing would have a limit and learning would be impossible.

What could learning accomplish if there is an upper limit?,
What is it I am actually asking?
Isn’t it closer to ‘tell me a bedtime story’?