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Monday, January 26, 2015

Peace is not a destination, but the absence of the seeker of it...

Happiness is the absence of the need to be happy.
Peace is not a destination, but the absence of the seeker of it. Love is the death of the hope of a better tomorrow, and the full embrace of today, in its sweet and tender brokenness.
This is the path of the helpless and hopeless; no longer seeking happiness in time, but willing to find grace and gratitude in the most unlikely of places.
And to live without hope is a marvellous thing, for it involves wide open eyes, and a being deeply rooted in presence.
And a heart wide open to the gifts of today, forever wandering a path untrodden, revealing its diamonds in the light of awareness.
The death of hope is the birth of the new, the emergence of the creative.
Simply take your eyes off the goal, bow your head in reverence to this immediacy, and receive into your arms this living day -
the closest thing of all, the greatest gift, the most present.
to embrace the unknown, free of mind for a moment, to be elated with what is ,to not have constant expectations of how I want it to look or be, to feel this freedom coursing through my being, to rest in the stillness of who I Am, to bow before creation in heartfelt gratitude, knowing ,all that appears is grace...