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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Don’t just drift through life. Live intentionally and on purpose.

For too long, society has defined the good life in terms of physical possessions. But fullness of life is not found in the things we possess.
There is a wonderful freedom in owning less. It is wise for each of us, from time to time, to stop and evaluate our lives as we seek to make the most of them.

We should start choosing our thoughts like we choose our clothes for the day. Be content with what you have but do not become complacent about who you are. Don’t slip into mediocrity by living your life based on popular opinion.

Fill your life with stories to tell, not stuff to show. I filled my life with great stories to tell. Now no-one listens anymore they are too busy with faces in their phone….
Complaining is almost never a positive reaction to our circumstance. Is offering advice about how to complain less really just a way to complain about other people complaining?

Some needed adjustments to our life habits are painfully obvious. But there are other, equally valuable life improvements available to us that fly a bit under the radar.
May we, as those who seek to live intentional lives, break free from the selfish tendencies and instead, choose to err on the side of generosity. May it be expressed in our gift-giving and may we be generous in our gift-receiving as well.