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Friday, July 4, 2014

The unseen essential....

There is an unseen essential that is intrinsic, universal and guiding everyone who listens. 
There is an invisible hand at work in the making of beautiful lives. 

Uncommon success is found on the spiritual plane; you can't get there through common convention or following others. 
Hard work is not enough; many work slavishly-hard for little reward. 

Intelligence is insufficient; how many educated and brilliant people there are who fail utterly and completely. 
Goodness is not enough; how many meek and good souls are tilled into the earth like manure by demigods to fertilize their golden crops. 

There is something more it is the unseen essential, and everyone has access to it. 

The unseen essential is understood as many things by many people. 
Scientists, philosophers and theologians are ever reaching to understand, describe and commune with the unseen essential. 

Why do some people prosper and joyfully thrive while others languish in abject misery? 
How do some escape the poverty and such poor environments? 
Why do some from amazingly supportive backgrounds fail?

It is the unseen essential that makes the difference.

Elevation of consciousness. 

These are words we have all heard, but what do they mean in "real" life? 
These words seem nonsensical to some people. 
Beyond current understanding is a grand fullness which is the unseen essential. 

The unseen essential is everything yet described, which science feverishly works daily to uncover. If you don't believe in God, then the God concept is a great place holder for everything we don't know, which is exponentially more than we do know. 

The unseen essential can be felt in your bones, in your teeth and the hair on your neck. It whispers in the hollows of your chest and gut. 
The unseen essential is the enormity of mystery in every element of you; from your physiology to your psychology, it is all which is perplexingly, indescribably and awe-inspiringly you. 

Each person is a vast territory of undiscovered mystery as nebulous and uncharted as the deepest oceans and expanses of space. 

Life itself is a universe of mystery.

As you open your heart to wisdom you will begin to see the unseen essential. 
There is something divine, mystical, magical and unexplainable in the universe that is listening and responding to each of us. 
Something is reflecting our thoughts back to us in obvious and not so obvious ways. 

Spirituality is like a thin-thin thread, that if delicately followed guides us from darkness to light; from poverty to abundance and from destruction to safety. 
The unseen essential can be described in many ways and comes in many forms, but is always preceded by virtue.

If your life is a miserable disaster, you might want to consider, that it's because you are doing something wrong. 
If you lack understanding then call upon your Higher Power and ask, "please, reveal to me my own deceptions." 
For the vile human pigs in life; the sloppy, disheveled, uncaring dregs, the ungrateful, and especially for the vicious, negative emotional peasants, there will only continue to be the hard and painful lessons you so desperately need. 
The invisible hand will hold you in your wretched place until your last breath unless you evolve. 
If you are cruel and ignorant the invisible fist will pound you into oblivion until you submit, humble yourself and soften your hard heart.
Your life is always a perfect reflection of your state of heart and mind, and of your truest identity. There is a different world on the other side of your present attitude. 
You can only access the beautiful world through faith by truthfully embracing beauty and caring. 
The unseen essential awaits your enlightened heart's ascension to love.