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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If you embrace the unknown, it becomes your home. It's like closing your eyes and falling backwards into the arms of LOVE. Go ahead. Let go. It'll be okay.

I am my phenomenal presence and absence. I am my phenomenal presence and... I am my phenomenal... I am my... I am... I... ....... live in a prison of my own design and am the only warden. 
Nothing surpasses the sacred landscape of the human heart.

There are no answers. 
There never have been any answers. 
There never will be any answers..... 
That is the answer.

Answers are a form of death. 
Questions are a form of life.

Answers tend to settle an issue and close it off to further inquiry. But life is open, dynamic, and ever-changing and cannot be adequately explained, summarized, or understood by any collection of words or theories or answers, regardless of how eloquent or articulate they may seem. 

Questions, on the other hand, open up the path of inquiry which leads to deeper and deeper levels of experience and wisdom.
Questions and answers have a complementary relationship, to borrow a term from quantum physics. 

This means that they are mutually exclusive, just as you cannot know both the position AND the velocity of a quantum particle (say an electron) precisely and at the same time. 
You can know one or the other, but knowing velocity precisely means you can only estimate position, and vice versa. 
So, to risk straining the analogy to the breaking point, the process of questioning excludes or is complementary to settling for answers just as the process of settling for a specific answer excludes the process of further questioning.

You can't ask a question and propose an answer at the same time. 
Eventually the questions also fall away.

Life answers us in each moment. 
We have but to open our eyes and our hearts to what beauty lies all around and within us.