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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One strange day when you look back....

I cannot know your hidden soul
  nor your slice of future time

I see you, but for a moment,
  as you change before me

Could I but reach that second,
  where you once were

To know your unique truth,
  but alas you are gone.

And so I chase after you
  and grasp at empty air

Where you once stood
  I catch the shadow of your last step

I will never catch you darling
  but will catch only a glimpse

— from time to time —

I am the past looking at you,
  and your eyes are to the future.

When you look back, I see you,
  but you are a mystery to me

I am a mystery to you too, a father, 
  but a man you will hardly know

Until one strange day when you look back,
  and see me— as I see you now.

to you AOH/ps/smoh