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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quit faking perfect and be yourself. We are at war with everything because we are at war with ourselves

Between the grid lines of what is charted exists infinite possibility and infinite ignorance. 
Look between the words, the seconds and your surest facts, and you will see you are looking from behind prison bars. 
Slip through your assumptions and become free from the tyranny of knowledge. Balance, symmetry and simplicity are ready to heal your painful disproportions; you were meant for completeness.
Great healing occurs when we are better able to love our darkness. We cannot dissect our nature and throw out the bad. 
When you try to dissect and dispose of parts of yourself, you become psychotic. Only butchers of the mind dissect; this is the brutality of dualism and reductionism. 
We are full spectrum beings, and just as white light is every colour, we must accept our full colours to shine as brightly. 
As a species we are in crisis. 
Crisis is imbalance. 
We are in crisis because we have difficulty accepting our true nature. Only complete love can completely heal our fractures and our spiritual dementia. 
All healing starts with beginning to accept yourself and love yourself; even your flaws.
The ultimate deception is in the dichotomy; by choosing one or the other we tend to overlook possible interconnectedness between the two. 
When you sink to the centre of yourself, you reach the calm enormity of what defines your being. There is a dimension of peaceful wholeness in the surrendered, a dimension of non-meaning. 
Surrender is finding the balance between the fighting sides inside of you. The meditative surrendering from constantly balancing between oppositions is healing. 
We are emancipated from polarity when we hover above opposites in the meditative state. Restful nothingness can be achieved in both the thinking and feeling states of observation. 
Move to the centre of yourself and you will find a calm presence of release that is not easily disturbed.
Consistency is integral to our comparative analysis of binary oppositions for the sake of so-called sanity and cognitive consonance. 
This goes to the core of who we are; into the nervous system of our tongues, through language and into the deepest levels of our thoughts.
Don't allow people to control you with the consistency trap. 
Don't let consistency be used against your holistic being and full-spectrum intelligence. 
You are not illogical. 
You are not stupid. 
Being 'smart' is a total spectrum of behaviours; it is about balance — not just intellect. 
Your opinions matter, and you can even change them! 
You can say things that are completely wrong and still be a part of a legitimate dialogue. 
You are an amorphous being and can change your views, opinions, ideas, and beliefs at will and as frequently as you desire. 
You are allowed to be inconsistent, contradictory and unbound by conventions such as sanity, intelligence or making sense. 
When you reserve the right to total contradiction and utter hypocrisy, you reserve the self-acceptance to be human.
A truly open mind that can see the validity of opposing points of view. 
Be open.