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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your own Body Language – do you take notice?

I think it's a window to your soul and being

 Eye Contact, Posture, how you Move, Facial expressions, Voice tonality, Touch.

How would you walk if you had perfect health and an amazing bank account, look at people if you were on a purposeful adventure of a lifetime, smile if everyone was attracted to you, talk if you had no need to explain or be right?

 Lower your shoulders, initiate eye contact 2 seconds before you speak, breathe and feel your body.

 Move through the day as if you have everything you dream of. The brain is not that smart, and your biology responds. Most communication is non-verbal, and it is a force multiplier, call it a ninja move, to always have awareness of your body.

There is nothing clearer then body language because words are often source of misunderstanding. Armory is essential, body language explain your thoughts and desires!!!