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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Open mind empty hand

Everything needs maintenance, especially nothingness.
In other words "nothingness is the mother of all maintenance". Specially relations

"Nothingness" it is that place from where we Souls arrived, the formlessness, our Divine Core, The Music in the Silence of Spirit, The growth via stillness, The cords within every Heart yearning to be heard and The Peace within.

"Maintenance" to me is the Consciousness of every realm of our Journey. Neglecting ourselves causes stagnation and deterioration. Just as a garden requires constant pruning and hydration for elegance to flourish, so does our Being, without which the weeds of our daily clutter accumulate as baggage decelerating our growth and Evolution.

Some maintenance is rather enjoyable! Same can be said of the proper partner in ones' life, the journey becomes more enjoyable. Or so I've heard!

It takes work to reach a certain level, and it takes work to maintain it. Achieving a state of nothingness and seeing things for what they are, and not what they appear to be, ie enlightenment, won't come easy, and nor will it be withheld easily.