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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Our Greatest glory is achieved, in never falling but in rising even HIGHER every time you FALL!

Then you will have TRULY "never fallen"

Never let the fear of falling keep you from your Dreams, use them as steps to lift you higher!

Give yourself back to yourself! Know that YOU can ONLY YOU!

Can make you truly happy... Step Into the light!

Don’t settle for less when so much more is staring you right in the face every day!

Everything you ever wanted is in you!

Start listening to what YOU really want, what YOU Need, Be selfish in this way!

Looks for another that really love YOU! The good and the bad! Forget the person you pretend to be because you think "they" would like you better with a mask on.

The being who really love you will see through the mask every time because they care enough to LOOK.

The Mask sent good enough for those people they want MORE! They want YOU!

They know that they can never love a mask like they can love YOU! Those are the people that will truly love you can show you how to love yourself.

Strip all the Masks you’ve made for oTHERs and Rediscover the Beauty, the Magnificence, the Uniqueness, the Confidence, the Radiance, the passion, the Appreciation, the Bliss, The love! The Happiness!

That Is ALL YOU! Fall in love with the REAL YOU!

Because you deserve it! YOU’RE WORTH IT! ALL OF IT! BELIEVE IT! >:D