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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do you identify yourself via ethnicity?

Isn't this identification at the physical plane alone?
Does the Spirit limit itself to Ethnicity?
Does any Soul attach to any labels?

Ethnicity and culture are different things. There can be people from the same ethnicity raised in different cultures.

The world is getting smaller and smaller on a Global scale WE Should ALL Just Be a Rainbow and Be Able to LIVE & LOVE and ACCEPT ACKNOWLEDGE HAVE OPEN DIALOGUE CONVERSATION SHARING CARING GIVING GIFTING ON A HEART LEVEL.

Because I love it, embrace it and it is very much how I indentify myself. On the other hand, I feel that every tradition/ethnicity is unique and worthy of just as much love as I have of mine. I am not exclusive. I'm totally inclusive. Celebrating differences, however, doesn't mean ignoring them or erasing them. It means enjoying and learning from them.

Transmission and understanding emotions don't need the barriers of labels of ethnicity, languages...etc...Frequency and compatibility between the species makes a world of a difference.

My ethnicity enhances my life; it doesn't keep me apart from others. In fact, I rarely have that much commonality with others of my ethnicity because I do think so universally, but it is who I am and I love that and connect strongly with it.
To do otherwise would be to ask the African American descendents of slaves to forget his/her history or an Italian Catholic to forget his traditions.
That's what ethnicity is: your traditions, heritage and history that inform how you see the world. It's individual and group/social. It need not be a divider.
That's the nice thing about being human, we can if we open ourselves to it, share, enjoy, embrace and integrate with other ethnicities and while we do, we create something new--in a few more generations, will look very different from our originate forefathers.

The more we melt together the less it can separate us. I think it often shapes our experiences, so it is important in this respect. Sometimes the culture that goes along with various ethnicities can cause barriers keeping us apart out of fear or discomfort with differences. Ultimately, I think we are more alike than different. Really, our ethnicity is just like the wardrobe or costume our soul is wearing in this lifetime, I think.

All physical aspects are only Earth suits for the Immortal Soul. :)
Instead of an emphasis on Diversity & celebrating our differences, I wish we could emphasize Unity and celebrating/recognizing our likenesses, similarities as a human race.
I think my ethnicity or my body is a vessel or the wrapping I am travelling in...Like the vehicle you ride in...Influences my experience & interactions, but it is not who I am. I am something more eternal than my body or ethnicity.

I sometime view ethnicity as a result of climactic differences. While it is also true that humans have domesticated themselves with technology/culture/rules which I think has an effect on genetics over time it cannot be disputed that various climates ruled our lives and verily out genes for the longest period of time.
There are going to be differences via various selection processes and thus you could say certain ethnicities have more tendencies toward certain traits. It is also true that humans are still very homogeneous and now that we are much more interconnected worldwide the gap will likely close even more as to what those specific differences might be.

Alas the individual is the most practical and more important to emphasize than a sense of generalized and subtle difference which can be called race or ethnicity.
We are all one in essence, but that does not mean we're all the same human being! We are all unique and I'm happy for that. That is also our challenge. Pretending we're all identical does not make us so. I’m glad my soul is wearing this person this lifetime.

But, no, souls do not have religion. But, again, we have to distinguish between what is universal and what is individual. And what ethnicity is, is part of the individuality of an individual--part of the uniqueness of that person. Sometimes that carried through to other lifetimes, but, ultimately, we meet the whole naked of all such labels, for sure.
Indeed the environment affects are genetics over an extended period of time as we adapt and use or not use certain characteristics based on needs for survival.

To hold on to some identity just so you can belong to some group creates all the wars we are not anything that can be named we all know that don’t we?
And even within one ethnicity there are still little differences like spirituality, tribes, clans, political beliefs, etc...All of those differences that often divide us or result in our alliance with a specific group.
No, barriers of so called religion as men favourite word don’t play a role in understanding emotions in my opinion.
else how would we find so many people loving each other irrespective of being from different levels of spirituals act...well being from the same faith might help you to understand each other but that would not give an edge to the person over understanding human sentiments...unless one is emotionally capable of doing so.
Yes it does serve a purpose of barrier only if we emphasize on the differences...if collectively concentrating on the common points...this barrier can be abolished.
It's good to know your roots but do not let it get on the way to respecting others! I would keep it at that!

Perhaps the different ethnicities in the world are there for us to transcend them. They do not cause the problem. What cause wars are the narrow minded/hearted people who use religions (@_@ again, I hate that word) and ethnicities as clubs to beat each other with?
Discord in the world is not about the differences. It's about power. And people who crave power will use anything at their disposal to cause division among people in order to gain power.
There isn't a country in the world where this doesn't happen. Pretending everyone looks, feels, acts the same will not change that.
Inside, yes, we're all the same. But outside it's inspiring just how creative and innovative humans are to create such diversity of cultures, traditions beliefs.
That's what celebrating them is about. Not ignoring or rejecting them. It's relishing those differences.
When we find our soul mates they are not identical copies of ourselves. We love them for our commonality, but also for our differences.

My husband and I am not the same person. And sometimes, although rarely, we disagree we each have strengths and weaknesses that compliment the other. So too with ethnicities.
I've always considered it an awesome thing to have grown up around people with different "ethnicities"... probably why I still don't really understand racism... Better to feel the similarities than to focus on differences, I think.