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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Gossip serves as human ''socializing'' material the most- it is the top of the list....I’ll say without it the religion, politics, entertainment and domestic problems ...these categories may not even exist ;)) When gossip goes with entertainment, socialization takes place!

Of course it depends on the socio-economic level, also depends on gender or does it?
Have you heard of this quote?
"Men socialize by insulting each other; but they don't really mean it. Women socialize by complimenting each other; but they don't really mean it either."
Mind can race in any direction during socializing. However, it can also be still at any given situation.
It can be anything. It depends on what feeds the ego and social standing. Where one wants to be noticed on a social platform, or what makes one feel better about them.
I suppose like many situations it is relevant to the application. A group of devout church goers are always going to discuss religion, while your typical white collar circle will probably be inclined to discuss politics, and the modern youth is almost always interested in contemporary entertainment.
But what one thing do they all share in common that all humans are inclined to do?
Like it or not everyone talks about everyone at one time or another.
It is human nature to discuss our personal lives or the lives of others. While it would behove us much more to discuss topics or personal growth, development, and betterment, but instead everyone is typically more concerned with personal matters with others.
With this in mind I feel it is good to be prudent with gossip and stay reserved. Better to be thought a fool then speak and confirm you are one...