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Monday, February 22, 2016

Nothing to Do...

I find myself with nothing to do but be. It feels like that isn’t enough for all of us who were taught from childhood to accomplish. 
Surely I should be accomplishing something that feels necessary or vital. But breathing might fall into both of those categories. 
I have the bad habit of trying to fix myself and life. 
Life doesn’t need fixing and neither do I. For human fixing just adds to the sum total of the world’s suffering. Mum is gone for good. 
Can I sit here with this feeling of utter failure, this sense that it is all out of my hands anyway? 
Does the stone I feel in my body need to stay until it has served its purpose? 
The stone in my throat, in my heart, in my belly; everyone knows that feeling of mortality the heaviness, the sorrow, the burial in matter. 
All I can do is be with in my nothingness. 
For fixing suffering is beyond human abilities. 
No one understood this. 
Let us rest together in our emptiness, in our foolishness. Perhaps rest is what brings in the miracles performed by what is not of the human capacity to deliver. 
Let us turn to the simple words found in simply let it be it's the opposite direction of our brainwashing. 

For quite some time now, I find the brainwashing has been on a high speed spin cycle. The foolishness has mostly gone done the drain....mostly. 
All there is, is this Eternal Now Moment. 
The only escape is into awareness. 
We knock at the door of self-comforting but there is nobody home. Only God is home. Only IT can open the door that you are and IT is. 
The void demands your absence and your presence. 
Once you master that, anything is possible....

Sorrow is the greatest teacher. It's too bad but it' the truth.

love light and peace