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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love yourself and feel completely at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Learn that you are in control of who you are, and how you react to people and situations really portrays how you feel inside. 
Started not caring about what others thought of you, and learn to love yourself, you will notice that others would want to be around you more. 
Changed for the better, and feel amazing because you have accepted that you the one that needs to love YOU, not needing everyone to love you just because you want them to. 
Love yourself, love your strengths and you will go far. When you truly love yourself sharing love is your focus the need to judge others recedes. 
It's something we all need to work on...compassion over judgement.

I was fortunate to be told when I was in my early 20’s. What you don't like about someone turns that thought and find you dislike the same things in yourself. 
This is very true and really makes a person pay better attention and be a better person thus loving one’s self and looking for the good in others. 
I always remember this when a poor thought comes to mind and it smartens me up right fast on another note, you never know what may cause someone else's troubles. 
Send them positive thoughts instead!!!
Often we forget who we are; we live in a world of greed, in a world of judging each other, in a world of monetary gain and scaled by our financial success. 
Yet we forget the most powerful tool yourself our love of yourself we wish to have what others have, yet we don't know how depressing their life's are. 
Be happy you are what you are accept to be at peace with yourself - enjoy to laugh, enjoy to love and when you least expect there will be others along your side because that is the only true path of life the other is just a temporary state of mind.
Stop referring to yourself in the third person simple really. You just cannot, under any circumstances, do, be, treat or act in any way shape or form, towards yourself. 
When you love yourself you can also love others but if you forget about yourself then you create a space that is a danger zone!! 
For you and everyone around you!!

You can get lost when you are treated badly by others. But the truth is, the little shits they have made you feel bad about yourself, well remember they are just one little pinprick in the universe. 
Yes sadly we share this world with this shitty people. So remember they are just a pinprick, think that is very fitting.

There is no heaven, no hell, take responsibility for you, live for here and now with no fear or expectation of reward.

love light and peace