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Monday, May 21, 2012

I Remember that Journey....


That endless Journey, my Heart made.
Towards Hope, Towards Love.
Courage stood still. Not knowing if to take a step forward;
Or to remain standing still, waiting for Strength to beckon in silence.
Every step taken was a new beginning.
Every sight, a Blessed Dream.

I Remember that Journey.

I Remember Falling.
That Endless depth; when all I could see was Darkness.
That Endless Fall; My Heart made.
Towards Loneliness; Towards Despair.
Faith stood still; contemplating as if to catch me at the bottom.
Or to remain standing in Silence;
Waiting for Wisdom to cushion my fall.

I remember that Journey.

I Remember Rock Bottom.
The Endless Numbness, the shock. Feelings Frozen.
And that little Light inside me;
That grew Brighter and Beckoned;
Pushed, and nudged;
Till I finally got up.
Looked beyond Despair;
And Knew the Light was still there.
Hope stood still; showing me the way;
But waiting for Choice to determine my Destiny.

I remember that Journey.

I remember walking back into Life.
Knowing Joy waits; Endless Joy;
That no matter how difficult things got;
My Heart and Soul will get me through;
Faith will get me through.
That everything happens for a reason.
And everything will be okay.
The Miracle stood still;
Waiting for me to embrace it.
But waiting for Love to Light up my way.

This Journey has just begun.
And this time; I have made it my Choice;
To make it Worth Remembering."

Life is hard sometimes and so is our journey... But it is of these things that sharpen us and cause us to grow. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. The miracle stands still waiting for you to embrace it... To me this miracle is love. We, you and I have been created from the highest source of love. Rock bottom can be as difficult as we choose it to be... I personally have been to hell and back... I am so grateful my foot now walks the earth on a lighter path. We can choose to look towards the light anytime we may find ourselves in the dark. And there my friend is where you will find hope. Keeping the faith sets you free. It is a journey to remembrance of who you truly are. Light and love