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Friday, May 4, 2012

Simplicity of heart is divine wisdom.

Stop feeling sad for some reason or for no reason; enjoy your life in the present moment. Feeling sad is normal and healthy, and shouldn't be denied. Its part of the human experience, but feeling sad is not necessary if you can change your sad thoughts for ones that feel better.....and we can.

Allow yourself to totally feel every emotion, whether it be, and observe it from your inner space of peace and silence. Do not give to anyone the power to make you feel guilty for your own free choices. Just do your best to do what's right, NEVER feel guilty of your choices.

Sometimes we come across people that speak as if it were from the heart, the tone of their voice, the energy they give off agree with our hearts, but don't be mislead,  they are devious and cunning. We call these being covert manipulators for they perform their arts in secrecy thinking only of them.

Use not only your hearts but your minds too; they think that their level of awareness is higher than those that bare unconditional love but that is not true of those that bear unconditional love have the ultimate awareness. Their actions and words must agree with the heart and the mind...

By listening to your heart, you open your life to the infinite within yourself. Darkness is an illusion that disappears with the Light.

The practice of Unconditional Love starts with the full acceptance of yourself, just as you are. You can know the Truth, only being the Truth.

By freeing your mind from every judgment and condemnation of yourself and others, you align yourself with the highest vibration of Love. Have the courage to say 'No' when 'No' is your honest answer and do not feel guilty because of it.

Accept that those you love have different beliefs from yours and release your need to force your truth on them. Always love with respect. 
What a world this could be If WE Could ALL practice & Live this way! On the angelic level there is only one truth which everyone shares... unity of love.

Listen to your heart, there you can find all the wisdom of the Universe.