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Friday, May 11, 2012


Everyone is in charge of the change, speaking of change of the self.

And the world will change when every individual self will change. The thoughts, ideas and acts of a simple being can initiate a greater change.

So let's change ourselves, and the change of self will change the outer world

The structures that are not working will change, each of us gets to choose what we support with our $, our energy, our choices! What joyous freedom!

We are the change. The boomers and the hippies we had it right. We could have done it differently however we weren't quiet about our methods for change and it scared people.

We do have a legacy in the movements that have sprung up, women's, environmental and all; they wanted the same thing...change.

Things are going to change... 
It's not a question of whether things are going to change; 
it's a question of how, and 
it's a question of who is going to sponsor the change? 
Who is going to create the change? 
Who is going to be in charge of the change?

We are all in charge of the change. We change all the time...every day, every moment. And the world changes too...every day every moment...See!

note to AOH