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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Fortunately or not, everything we do is led by our thinking. There's just no way
around it. Even if we say. 'I'm going to stop thinking and let feeling be my guide,'
-that's a thought.

Like the first step of a journey, it may pass unnoticed or forgotten, but you know it must have been there.

If we are going to transform our basic capacities, we'd better begin with the most basic of all....the one that helps us choose and guide all others.

We may suspect our thinking of being limited and culturally determined, we may complain of thinking as inadequate to its task of understanding this world and directing our behaviour and we may despise any reliance on the thought as unromantic.
What we can't do is to avoid it. Each of these critiques is itself an example of thinking and indeed dwell in an ocean of thinking. Harmony gets inside you through your thinking - the ancestor to all action in a thought.

All our behavior results from the thoughts that precede it and everything in the universe is connected through thought. The whole universal system is held together
through LOVE, HARMONY and COOPERATION. If you use your thoughts according to those
principle, you can transcend anything that gets in your way.

Thoughts, when properly nourished and internalized, will become a reality in your world of form. Thoughts are extremely powerful things. In the world of pure thought,
there is no boundaries, hence, there is no limits. Every human-made actions starts with a thought, an idea, a vision, a mental image. From there it materializes into forms, you can't age thought but you can only age form!