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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taking shape

I would rather think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to come together and make sense.

Every day is full of question. It's only as days, week and months go by that we are able to look back and see a pattern. Then, there is an intelligence to it all.

Years go by, and our character develops. We make choices as we set and achieve our goals. Life brings us unexpected joys and sorrows that become integral to our development. Like a grand patchwork quilt, none of the individual moment makes sense or seems to have much value by itself. Woven together, a work of art take shape.

Sometimes I'm not sure why I had to go through a certain chapter in my life. I trust that those moment will make more sense as I move forward. Meanwhile, I am thankful for the sense of adventure and mystery.

We all know this phrase....learning from mistakes. It is natural to make mistakes; it is terribly wrong to willfully keep making mistakes.

Learning requires trial and error. We need to give ourselves permission to mess up -
and we must learn from those mistakes. Pride or stubbornness might keep us trying the same unwise action.
We make much more progress and our loved ones sure appreciate it, when we dust off after a fall, admit our error and then try a smarter approach.

It's OK and even healthy for us to make mistakes, but, we want to look for ways to learn from those mistakes.