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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The way of LOVE

Human love that is carried by the warmth of the true feeling and derives its energy from the spiritual dimension of our life, is an ideal form of love.
Ideal both in the sense of something to aim at which will be difficult to achieve and also in the platonic meaning of Idea, it enables us to penetrate into the depths of phenomena and to reach the creative and formative idea behind each phenomenon.
It leads us towards intuition, the highest form of cognition.

As most of us have a long way to go before our soul becomes a bearer of this kind of love, we can take this as a challenge and strive towards it.
We can see ourselves, together with the main part of humanity, as trying to purify and spiritualize our way of loving.
This will take much time and the devotion of much soul-energy. It will call up in us a high degree of awareness of our actions and the will to transform our way of thinking.
For what is required is that we perceive the eternal element in all person and situation that we encounter in daily life.
We can be confronted by the knowledge that our very ordinary experiences provide opportunities for growing in our awareness of the spiritual, the eternal, in all that is seemingly
The days go by, and if each day brings us one tiny step forward, we can indeed make progress. One day we stop to look at the view just round the corner, we suddenly notice its beauty for the first time.
The aim to develop spiritual love will gradually open the channels through which this love can flow; if we look for the eternal being in everyone, we will find that this reveal itself more and more in those we meet or turn to in our thoughts.
And our thoughts themselves will gradually become free; free from the pressures of our instincts and emotions, our memories and our subconscious longings.
Thereby the basic conditions of the growth of spiritual love will be met. We will become bearer of a power of feeling that carries warmth of regard and thankfulness to our surroundings.
We will develop selfless love.