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Saturday, April 28, 2012

When we wake up to our being, we see a depth to the levels of ourselves and others we didn't even imagine.

I think that Awareness is a very, very important aspect of Life. 
I think it’s an important quality to nurture and to grow. 

So look deeply into each moment. Savour each nanosecond. Don't miss a single cloud formation, if you can help it. Or a single fragrance. Or a single nuance in the energy of your Beloved. Don't miss this; don't miss this, DON'T MISS THIS.

I stare intently at the clouds and the changes of the sunset that occur with the blink of an eye, walking away & coming back; the flutters of butterflies; the sound of a stream; the energy of rain falling from the sky; the smile & eyes of my beloved; the smell of a rose, that I can’t walk pass WITHOUT smelling.

It's so much that you can be overwhelmed, but I'd rather be in awe or have sensory overload from the beauty of creation than to be overload with worry and the matters of the 'world' ... I like where I 'live' much better.

Life is all about becoming "aware," primarily of ourselves, if we can focus on self. I would say that awareness is probably THE most important aspect of life. We may and probably do not for most of us comprehend the vastness and absolute timelessness of that single truth. 
By just being aware of it is enough to set you off on a lifetime of thought and contemplation. Who knows what ALL OF IT, really is? Who, among all of us human beings, has that completeness in their understanding set? 

I dare say, maybe none of us, even the most advanced souls on this earth, have that completeness. But just being AWARE of that truth, is sufficient to get us started out on a path we can never really walk away from again in our mindless sleepwalking here in this solid illusion. It took a genius to create something so real it felt and we believed it was...only to shock us to find out, it never was.

I will say this - things like, "You cannot have what you want," just for one, are sufficient to make the point. How can we know the truth about life and who and what we are if we are never aware of that fact? 

Religion that so many are talking about, does not teach you who you are...it do not lead you to an in depth understanding of SELF. 

Religion is all about "OUT THERE," somewhere else, with someone ELSE...religion, I mean the Judaic religions do not look inside the SELF - and that means then, all those people are walking through life like zombies, thinking the answers lie everywhere but where they reside.
How can a human being advance their spiritual knowledge when they are caught up in a system which despises the very processes that would make us aware? In order to become aware, you have to really be willing to give up all of your pre-supposed knowledge and understandings about what life really is - you have to be willing to say, "I don't know anything!" Then, and only then, can you begin to open up to the real truth and become AWARE.

My curiosity helps me to be aware of a lot of important things in my life ~nature, family, friends, people, my own thoughts , feelings ~ values beliefs, faith in God, & most important~ LOVE ~~& much more ~I WON"T MISS THESE - the smile on a baby face, children's laughter, each breath I take, the budding of the trees, the sound of the river, birds chirping, dog's unconditional love, my own serenity & enjoying the four beautiful seasons, or ~~