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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stay Free – Stay Present – Follow the Energy.

Act on your highest excitement to the best of your ability, taking it as far as you can possibly take it, with zero expectation of the outcome. (Bashar)

At any given moment you have a number of things that are available to you to take action on. Doesn't matter what they are. Just pick the one that has the most excitement that you have the greatest degree of ability to take action on, and act on it to the best of your ability until you can take it no further, with absolutely zero expectation."

This is my guiding principle of life. Life is about choices, and your choices reflect who you believe you are. The preceding principles are; stay free and stay present.
Because it takes a certain awareness, intelligence, discipline and courage to select the option that moves you forward.
If you believe something is not good for you and you still do it, the effect is detrimental. If you believe that something is good for you and you do it, it's beneficial. It is that simple.

One of my principles is to listen and follow my instinct that means to be in contact with my nature which guides me in some ways in life ... then is me who decide the choice.

It isn't easy to let go of preconceived mental constructs but when you follow through with this and truly have no expectations, you will experience freedom and bliss. Accepting "failure" as part of life as well as the fact that life is unpredictable and we all have the option to go with the flow...

The entire life has been an exciting process that requires an effort and a little courage to wake up, get up and start a new day which is a new chance.
From my experience; intention yes, clear vision yes, outcome independence yes. Reason being twofold.
Your physical mind is good for creating an outline and visualizing a concept for the purpose of setting you in a state of being.

Once this vibe is achieved, it's most effective to then release control so that your higher mind can bring to you the reality that is representative of your state of being. This also opens for the possibility of something better that you can imagine to come to you.

If you are weighted heavy towards a specific outcome, you are simultaneously invalidating the option you do not prefer, thus giving it a charge/attention and attracting it to you. By seeing all paths as equally valid you are in balance and open to receiving that what serves you most.